Todays consumers are more empowered and therefore

content marketing requires a strategic approach.

Project:  Marketing/Sales Video 

Work:   To develop a promo video that would display the app's functionality for the purpose of recruiting producer and retailer partnerships. 


National Campaign 

Project:  It's On Me Campaign (Spec)

Work:   To develop a full initiative complete with videos, website, print ads, etc designed to encourage, educate and equip everyone to carry a gun daily.

Client:  TBD (was spec'd with Beretta)



Project:  Thirst Project Gala Promo

Work:   To shoot and cut multiple promo spots to be used in different marketing efforts from fundraising, web content and gala presentations

Client:  The Thirst Project 



Promo For Non-Profit Organization
Ebook Campaign 

Project:  Traveling with a Gun Ebook

Work:  Creating banners to promote their ebook campaign 

Client:  Ultimate Concealed Carry



Holiday Packages

Project:  Holiday Packages

Work:  Creating banners to promote their holiday packages 

Client:  Ultimate Concealed Carry



Video Graphic

Project:  Eric's Tip of the Day Video Graphic 

Work:  Create a video graphic with motion for the show 

Client:  Ultimate Concealed Carry



Convention Rack Card

Project:  Rackcard for SHOT Show and the NRA Convention

Work:  Create a rack card to showcase the main products carried by UCC and the dealer packages 

Client:  Ultimate Concealed Carry